The Black Bulleit

bulleit rye, ginger shrub, squid ink, lemon, angostura bitters / $14

Kaanapali Beach

rum, grappa, pineapple juice, lime juice, simple syrup,absinthe rinse / $14

Pick Me Up

vodka, espresso, fernet branca,simple syrup / $14

Sweet & Smokey

bourbon, smoky black tea, honey syrup,lemon juice / $14

Cynar Negroni

hendricks, campari and cynar / $14

The Red Smog

gin, dolin dry vermouth , simple syrup, campari, prosecco, rosemary smoke / $14

Little Kick

tequila, chipotle agave, lime juice, hopped grapefruit bitter, grapefruit soda / $14

Italian Sour

gin, rosemary lavender syrup, lemon juice, egg white, orange soda / $14

The Muddler

vodka, lime juice, prosecco, with muddled basil, mint and strawberries / $14

The Smokey Elixir

habanero infused mezcal, blood orange juice, cherry liquer, lime juice / $14

Marcelene Louise

vodka, watermelon, salers, lemon juice, rhubarb bitters / $14