Grandma’s Beef Specialty

traditional Italian meatballs in fresh tomato sauce topped with ricotta / $15

Grandma’s Lamb Specialty

roasted lamb meatballs in a fresh rosemary, wild mushroom cornmeal and lemony white wine sauce / $15

Rolling with the Eggplant

sliced eggplant fried in a light egg batter, rolled and stuffed with seasoned ricotta cheese, topped with melted mozzarella and tomato sauce / $13

Disco Clams

clams stuffed with red peppers, celery, garlic, shallots and topped with bacon / $13

Octopus and the Potato

grilled Portuguese octopus served with potatoes, gaeta olives, celery, and red pepper flakes / $19

Bed of Black Shells

mussels sautéed with fresh plum tomatoes, red pepper flakes, garlic & oil / $15

Ahi Tuna Stack

diced sushi grade ahi tuna, plum tomatoes and avocado, marinated in sesame oil, on a bed of alfalfa sprouts with a creamy chili pepper and balsamic glaze dressings, topped with black sesame seeds and a side of sliced cucumbers and kiwi / $19

Tableside Farmer’s Platter for Sharing

imported creamy burrata cheese paired with a selection of marinated, roasted and grilled vegetables / $24

Carnivore’s Platter for Sharing

prosciutto di Parma, speck, spicy capicollo, sweet sopressata, mortadella, and olives / $24

Italian Cheeseboard for Sharing

parmigiano reggiano, sharp provolone, pecorino toscano & creamy gorgonzola served with sides of truffle honey, walnuts, & poached pears / $24

Taproot Symphony

roasted red and golden beets, arugula, and toasted almonds topped with crumbled goat cheese in a chia lemon oil dressing / $14

Sweet Blue Bliss

boston bibb lettuce, crumbled gorgonzola, spiced pears, walnuts, and sweet fig vinaigrette / $14

Caesar Cardini

romaine hearts in a garlic, anchovy and parmigiano dressing / $12

Truffled Moneybags

small bag shaped fresh pasta filled with ricotta cheese in a creamy white truffle sauce / $22

Italian Mothers Love

traditional meat lasagna, béchamel sauce and parmigiano reggiano / $22

Wide Road for the Wild Swine

fresh parpadelle with a braised wild boar, red wine, juniper berries and fresh herbs / $24

Lady of the Night

fresh fusilli pasta with plum tomato sauce, Italian black Gaeta & green Castelvetrano olives and capers topped with smoked mozzarella / $20

Little Ears of Apulia

orecchiette pasta with Italian sweet sausage, broccoli rabe, toasted bread crumbs, and fennel pollen / $22

Tasty Crustacean

homemade tonnarelli in a creamy lobster reduction sauce with lobster meat and a touch of brandy / $26

Upstream Swimming Fish

wild caught sockeye salmon pan roasted with haricot vert in a grainy Dijon mustard sauce / $28


chunks of Bell & Evans chicken on the bone, Italian sweet sausage, peppadew sweet peppers, peperoncini peppers and rosemary in a garlic & white wine sauce served with daily vegetable / $24

Cheesy Veal Dish

thinly pounded veal chop breaded and pan fried, topped with melted mozzarella, and tomato sauce / $32

Drunken Golden Bird

parmigiano reggiano crusted Bell & Evans chicken breast in a lemon and white wine sauce served over spinach / $24

Roasted Hog

pan roasted pork chop with sweet and mild vinegar peppers, cipollini onions and broccoli rabe / $28

Italian Cut

grilled New York sirloin served sliced over a bed of arugula, grape tomatoes, red onions, topped with shaved parmesan and a drizzle of balsamic reduction / $34


sautéed with extra virgin olive oil and garlic or steamed / $9

Broccoli Rabe

sautéed with extra virgin olive oil and garlic or steamed / $11

Haricot Vert

sautéed with extra virgin olive oil and garlic or steamed / $9

Black Bulleit

bulleit rye, ginger shrub, squid ink, lemon, angostura bitters / $14

Kaanapali Beach

rum, grappa, pineapple juice, lime juice, simple syrup,absinthe rinse / $14

Pick Me Up

vodka, espresso, fernet branca,simple syrup / $14

Sweet & Smokey

bourbon, smoky black tea, honey syrup,lemon juice / $14

Cynar Negroni

hendricks, campari and cynar / $14

Red Smog

gin, dolin dry vermouth , simple syrup, campari, prosecco, rosemary smoke / $14

Little Kick

tequila, chipotle agave, lime juice, hopped grapefruit bitter, grapefruit soda / $14

Italian Sour

gin, rosemary lavender syrup, lemon juice, egg white, orange soda / $14


vodka, lime juice, prosecco, with muddled basil, mint and strawberries / $14

Smokey Elixir

habanero infused mezcal, blood orange juice, cherry liquer, lime juice / $14